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Pro account

A pro account gives you access to additional functionalities, allowing:

  1. to improve your questionnaire (logo, answers form without advertising and without the site header)
  2. and to facilitate your use (consolidated view of your questionnaires with quick access and codes summary, copy-paste of questionnaire, answers reset)

All the additional functionnalities are listed in the table below.

with free version with an active 'pro account' subscription
Questionnaire creation
Questionnaire creation from scratch YES YES
Questionnaire creation from a template YES YES
Questionnaire creation with copy-paste from another questionnaire NO YES
All question types
(free text, multiples or unique checkboxes, picklist, score, scrore grid, priorities, stars, ...)
Number of questions 40 max unlimited
Customizing of the display YES YES
Add a Logo NO YES
Questionnaire sending
Sending option of a same link/code to all recipients YES YES
Sending option of a link/code specific for each recipient NO YES
Answer to the questionnaire
Online answer form to the questionnaire YES YES
Answer form display with advertising without advertising & neat display
Answer period duration (maximum), after the creation 2 months end of your subscription
Questionnaire results
Online access to questionnaire results YES YES
Possibility to share the online questionnaire results YES YES
Questionnaire results export (excel, pdf, csv) YES YES
Results access period duration (maximum), after the creation 3 months end of your subscription
Questionnaires mangament
Reset all questionnaire answers, erase answers or a recipient NO YES
Consolidated view of your questionnaires portfolio, with quick access and codes summary NO YES
To take advantage of the functionalities of your pro account, you have to follow the following rules:
  • get an active pro account (the end date of your pro account must be superior to the today date)
  • be logged on with your pro account (using the module at the right of the screen)
  • the administrator mail of your questionnaires must be the one of your pro account
Create your questionnaire: online, free and easy
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