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Study about motorhome emplacement by lagoa in Vila Nova De Santo Andre

Study to analyze possibilties to improvement of a Ecologic area , and sustainable vision for the future of the zone. City hall/region to implant a developpment plant in accord and with ecologic guidelines.Today the only rule by Portuguese law is that every motorhome has the right to stay one day parked in the same place. It never happens that this rule is a inconvenient for the turists, and they usualy can stay more. What is this questionnaire then trying to find out?. Idea is to try to see if

mandatory answer

Question 1

Thank you to enter here your pseudonym

Question 2

How did you got inform of this location

mandatory answer

Question 3

Where are you from ?(Nationality)

mandatory answer

Question 4

Is it your first stay ?

mandatory answer

Question 5

If no on the question 3. How many times have you stayed here before?

mandatory answer

Question 6

Wich period of the year are you comming here

Question 7

Are you working or are retired

Question 8

Will you come back here. please comment your answer

Question 9

If you could ghange something in this place , what will it be??

Question 10

Without having heavy structures, but what would you say if the zone would be upgraded (with ecologic respect), to offer a better service to you

Question 11

If the zone where upgraded , what to you think would be a fair day rate payment for each motorhome, to come in a equitable balance to maintain a clean, and ecologic zone.

Question 12

Have you any comments or idea which could be interessant for a more attractiv and clean area??

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