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Questionnaire of Quiz type: Correction and score modes
You can define on the questions of type Checkboxes and Picklist which are the good answres and/or the points each answer will give. These items are highlighted in purple in this questionnaire content creation module (1st tab).
Questionnaire with conditionnal branches

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Condionnal branches allow you to define on which conditions a question will appear based on previous answers for questions of type Checbox and Picklist.
Elements to make this settings are highligted in yellow in content creation module of your questionnaire (1st tab)
Questionnaire with images

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# - QuestionIntermediate titleText paragraphPage breakQuestion to identify the recipientsConclusion text
The recipients' answer to this question is used to attached the answers of each recipient to his identification in the results.
We advise you to ask for a short answer like: What is pseudonym? Or What is your name?
Without an identification question, the answers will be attached to an anonymised code for each recipient.
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Quiz on the number 7

A funny quiz on the number 7 !
Do you know well the nmber 7 ?
Test your knowledge !

mandatory answer

Question 1

Thank you to enter here your pseudonym

Question 2

We often say that 7 years old is the age of ...


Question 3

What is the mythical creature often described with 7 heads?


Question 4

Is the number 7 a prime number ?


Question 5

Which one of these "faults" is not one of the seven deadly sins?

Question 6

Amongst the seven wonders of the antic world, there is a pyramid. Ok, but which one?

Question 7

How many time the number 7 appears in the Bible?


Question 8

We say about a liquid with a pH of 7, that it is


Question 9

We know it for its 7 colors


Question 10

Is an handball team composed of 7 players?


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