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M2CLS Evluation

Thanks to take time to give your comments about the M2CLS programm (administrative and pedagogical management, course content, teachers, ...). This questionnaire is anonymous.

Question 1

Administrative and pedagogical Organization of the M2CLS programm

Question 2

Biotargeted Chemistry 1

Question 3

Biotargeted Chemistry 2

Question 4

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Question 5

Current topics in Biological Chemistry

Question 6

Grandes Classes de Médicaments

Question 7

Structure Determination of Biological Macromolecules

Question 8

High Throughput Biology

Question 9

Molecular Modeling

Question 10

Heterocyclic Chemistry

Question 11


Question 12

Green Chemistry

Question 13

Gestion de projet

Question 14

Propriétés industrielles

Question 15

Plan d'expériences

Question 16

Business Plan for your startup

Question 17


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