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ProCESS - Preliminary survey on existing SESS training practices

A SESS trainers collegial meeting is planned to take place on April 8, 10:00 to 12:00 (FR).
With WP2/3/4/6 leaders, we thought it would be nice to collect before this date some documents as support of discussion.

So, based on your previous experience of SESS training, can you complete the following questions?
(try to synthesize as much as possible)

mandatory answer

Question 1

Name, surname

mandatory answer

Question 2


Question 3

What are "SES skills" (SESS) for you?

Question 4

How would you define "Sensorial skills"?

Question 5

How would you define "Emotional skills"?

Question 6

How would you define "Spiritual skills"?

Question 7

Can you qualify or describe your intention when you give SESS trainings?

Question 8

Can you give some (3 to 6) keywords about your training?

Question 9

Type of degree programs in which you frequently work with students:

Question 10

Range of age of students:

Question 11

Study year(s):

Question 12

Usual group sizes:

Question 13

Main learning objectives of the workshops:

Question 14

Main methods / tools used:

Question 15

Usual workshops’ duration:

Question 16

How do you assess students’progress?

Question 17

What are the expected impacts of your workshops on SESS skills?

Question 18

What links you can see and/or imagine between SES skills training and complex situations management?

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