Servey for a series of books for children of color.

We are launching a series of books in Canada for children between 3 and 9 to teach them about black icons. Can you please fill in the survey to help us make a better product? We assure you that your answers will stay confidential and anonymous. Thank you for your time!

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Question 1

Do you read to your child or children?

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Question 2

Do you think teaching children between 3 and 5 about black icons and black history is too soon? If the answer is yes, please briefly explain.

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Question 3

Do you teach your children about black leaders in history? If the answer is yes please give some examples.

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Question 4

Would you buy a book about black icons for a 3 – 9-year-old child? If the answer is no please explain briefly why you wouldn't.

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Question 5

Do you have any children’s books about black icons? If the answer is yes please name them.

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Question 6

If there was a series of books adapted to 3- to 9-year-old children covering the life of black icons, would you buy them? If the answer is no please briefly explain why you wouldn't

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Question 7

Do you prefer to buy a book from the store or online?

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Question 8

Do you buy e-books for your children?


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Question 9

Please name 3 black icons you would like to teach your children about (preferably male and female).
They can be alive or deceased.

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Question 10

How much are you willing to pay for an illustrated book of 30 pages about black icons?

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