China Supplier Corona Survey

As your aware, with the Chinese authorities objective to achieve “zero” Covid-19, in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID, lockdown’s of regions and or cities are being implemented. This has already had an impact on our supply chains. Given the uncertainty of when lockdowns can be implemented we need your support to minimize the risk to Aptiv.

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Question 1

If a lockdown is imposed and impacts your ability to produce for up to 3 weeks what are your plans to support our delivery schedule?

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Question 2

If a lockdown impacts a relevant freight location, warehouse, port or airport, what are your contingency plans?

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Question 3

With the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, what contingency plans have you in place to ensure continuity of supply to Aptiv?

Question 4

In the event that you are already being impacted by a lockdown, please share with us your situation and potential impact to Aptiv.

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