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1st Matlab MCQ

For each question, click on the correct solutions(s). One or more propositions can be correct.

mandatory answer

Question 1

Enter your name :

Question 2

Which proposition(s) create(s) an array (i.e. matrix)?

Question 3

Which proposition(s) is(are) correct (i.e. syntactically legal) to begin a loop ?

Question 4

A is a cell. What does A{1,2} refer to, relatively to A ?

Question 5

What does the following do ?
a = 2;
b = 3;
c = a+i*b;

Question 6

What does the following produce/create ?

Question 7

A and B are 2 square matrices. What does A*B produce/do ?

Question 8

How to concatenate 2 character arrays (e.g. A and B) ?
A= 'str1';
B= 'str2';

Question 9

A for loop is ended (enclosed) by ?

Question 10

'u' is an array of numbers and umax is a number. What does this produce : (u>umax).*umax

Question 11

Which functions can you use to plot a 2-dimensional curve ?
(avoid plots dedicated to plot 3D curves)

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