2nd Matlab MCQ

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Question 1

When loading a jpeg file, Imread() function return :

Question 2

Which statement(s) is/are correct (i.e. syntactically legal) if you want to assign a value of 1 to all colors components of all pixels of an image ? (we assume that color depth has three components : R G B)

Question 3

A and B are matrices of different dimensions: A is an array of 4*3 And B is an array of 3*3.
What does produce A.*B ?

Question 4

'ech' is a vector of 100 000 values, and 'y' is defined as : y=sin(2*pi*1000*ech);
how can we plot y Vs. ech ?

Question 5

ech = 0:1/100000:0.02; y1 = sin(ech);
How can we add random values to y1, by using the rand() function (in order to simulates a noise effect) ?

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