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songs suggestions! (no requests)

I don't take requests, but suggestions for songs to edit (in nightcore/speed up+reverb) are welcome! if I edit a song that you propose, I will tag/credit you on the video

mandatory answer

Question 1

what is your Tiktok username? it will help me to know who advised me the song and I can tag/credit you

mandatory answer

Question 2

so, what is the music(s) you want to offer me? Write it here, like this! : "*song name* by *singer(s)/artist(s) name(s)*"

Question 3

Sorry to bother you, I'm just curious.. I just want to know how did you find out about my account (in your fyp? someone tagged you? someone sent you one of my videos?..): don’t worry, you're not don't have to answer this question, you can skip. if you decide to leave, have a nice day! take care of yourself, and thanks you so much if you follow me / like my content!


Question 4

I just drop my Instagrams here for those who would like to talk with me or/and be friends (?..) and I take this opportunity to introduce myself: Call me Izra or Killa (my nicknames). I'm a 2008, I'm black and I'm French (I don't speak much English or other languages.. sorry.). I am more comfortable speaking with minors (under 18) + racists/homophobics/sexists.. (HATEFUL PEOPLE) do not interact with me, please. ★

my main account: ohpaby
my edit account: vlampyr

Question 5

Just to know (I’m curious again..), what are your favorite styles of music? do you have any music recommendations? Or even artists? tell me everything here, I'm listening to you!

Question 6

It's not a question, I just remember that to access the other versions (slowed and more) of the music I edited, my youtube channel and my instagram account are there for (the links are in my tikok bio). Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. Bye Bye! thank you for staying! thanks for reading! Take care of yourself, have a beautiful day. ★

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