FRLT Collaboration

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What is your pseudonym ?

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Question 1

Name 3 things that make you particularly proud to be a member of the FRLT :

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Question 2

On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 very very bad/ 10 extraordinary), how would you rate your personal satisfaction as a member of FRLT (not your functional management)


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Question 3

What do you find useful/interesting/indispensable to keep ( Keep) in our FRLT functioning mode ( ways of working)

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Question 4

What do you think is important to accentuate/increase in the way our FRLT functions in its current governance?

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Question 5

What would need to be initiated or started ( start) in order for us to be an effective and efficient FRLT?

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Question 6

Free field to share "burning" issues that you could not address through the previous questions and that you feel are important/ vital for a high-performing Team. Please also include any feedback of one or more of the FRLT members (ways of collaboration, attitude in meetings, …) (all will be handled confidential)

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