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3rd Matlab MCQ

For each question, click on the correct solution(s). One or more propositions can be correct.

mandatory answer

Question 1

Enter your name :

Question 2

What action do the "cleaning" of a signal (i.e. removing parasitic effects like combination with other carriers or removing most of the noise) ?

Question 3

what does the following do ?
a(length(a)/2-3 : length(a)/2 + 3 )

Question 4

Which function(s) can READ from a file ?

Question 5

Which function(s) can WRITE binary or text to a file ?

Question 6

Which statement(s) is/are correct to open a file and READ data ?

Question 7

Thanks to the AppDesigner editor, you can:

Question 8

If you want to access data (variables and/or controls) across different callback functions you can:

Question 9

How to transpose 'A' (simple transposition, NOT conjugate transposition) ?

Question 10

When specifying format to fprintf function, %c stands for:

Question 11

When specifying format to fprintf function, %f stands for:

Question 12

What does the following statements exactly do :
fid=fopen('tempfile2.txt', 'w');
fprintf(fid, '%7.3f', 1.123456789);

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