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Satisfaction survey on the quality of welcome

We invite you to complete this questionnaire, which will enable us to analyze the feelings and opinions of staff and trainees regarding their reception and integration into the establishment. Thank you in advance.

The questionnaire is anonymous

Question 1

Date of arrival :

Question 2

You are :


Question 3

What department are you in ?

Question 4

Have you already come here as a trainee or otherwise?



Question 5

If so, how did you feel welcomed?

1 star. Not at all satisfactory
2 star. Not very satisfactory
3 star. Satisfactory
4 star. Very satisfactory


The welcome you received

Question 6

When you first arrived, how would you rate the welcome you received?


Question 7

Did you visit the site on your first day of work or work placement?


Question 8

Do you feel that you have been properly informed about how the establishment works thanks to the welcome booklet? (History of the establishment, hours worked by the various professionals in the establishment, the various departments, the staff)


Question 9

What would you like to see improved in the establishment's reception procedure?

Question 10

Do you have any other comments or suggestions you would like to make about your welcome or your integration into the school?

Question 11

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your integration?

01 : Unhappy
05 : Very satisfied


Thank you for taking the time to answer this questionnaire.

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