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Quiz on the number 7

A funny quiz on the number 7 !
Do you know well the nmber 7 ?
Test your knowledge !

mandatory answer

Question 1

Thank you to enter here your pseudonym

Question 2

We often say that 7 years old is the age of ...


Question 3

What is the mythical creature often described with 7 heads?


Question 4

Is the number 7 a prime number ?


Question 5

Which one of these \"faults\" is not one of the seven deadly sins?

Question 6

Amongst the seven wonders of the antic world, there is a pyramid. Ok, but which one?

Question 7

How many time the number 7 appears in the Bible?


Question 8

We say about a liquid with a pH of 7, that it is


Question 9

We know it for its 7 colors


Question 10

Is an handball team composed of 7 players?


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